icon_travel Traveling

One of my greatest passions is to travel. I have visited 49 countries (so exactly 23.15% of the world), seen many continents, and all from a very young age. Traveling has brought me a lot, both professionally and personally: open-mindedness, curiosity, adaptability, culture and so on.

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The most memorable: Australia, Cambodia, Russia, Argentina, Finland, China, Greece, Canada, United States.

The most recent: South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile), Europe (Holland, Norway, Croatia, Spain, Belgium), Asia (Thailand, Cambodia).

In project: Mongolia, Iceland, Bolivia, New Zeland

icon_travel Games

I love all kind of games in general, card games, boards games, puzzles and party games. I also like to organize mystery dinner, scavenger hunt, etc.

icon_travel Sports

I exercise a lot and run often, to stay in shape. In the past I also practiced a lot of different sports: 10 years of Dance, 3 years of basketball, skateboarding but also, judo, tennis, handball, …

icon_travel Horse riding

Diploma: Gallop 7 – jumping / cross-country / dressage

I have been doing horse riding since the age of 5 years old. I have participated in a few competitions but I couldn’t handle losing sometimes 😉  So I started training horses for owners who want to improve or keep their horses in shape for competitions.

  • 2005 – 2014: Horse Training in different equestrian clubs in Vincennes (94) and Maisons-Laffite (78).
  • 1991 – 2005: Lessons in the club Les Bagaudes in Marolles en Brie (94)