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Experienced Digital Marketer

Diverse yet complimentary training

I am a marketing manager and SEO expert. Detail-oriented, proactive, and with good organizational skills, I’m also driven by data analysis. I can complete any project that has been entrusted to me.

My educational background includes a master’s degree in Information Technology Management. I have 13 years of experience and I like to combine my knowledge of technology and marketing to develop myself into the field where technology crosses marketingI have held a variety of positions and participated in international teams. That reflects a real ability, I have, to adapt to changing contexts and subjects.


years in Marketing


years in Technology

Stéphanie Bauche

Marketing Manager – Project Manager - SEO Specialist

My Skills

in Digital Marketing


Data analysing & reporting

Brand Strategy | Website Analytics (Matomo, Google Analytics, Google Search Console) | Reporting (Google DataStudio) | AB Testing


Marketing campaigns

Website (Wordpress, Magento) | Search engine optimization (SEO) | Content | Search Engine Advertising (SEA) | Social media marketing | E-mail (Sendinblue, Mailchimp) | PR


Conversion rate optimization

Landing Pages | ROI | Behavioral Targeting | Usability | Usability | AB Testing |Multivariate Testing Heat mapping & Click Tracking

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