SEO KPIs to analyze the SEO performance

SEO KPI to follow infographie

After spending a lot of time analysing my SEO results and being lost in all the numbers, I made the choice to only follow a few numbers. I believe the one criteria important with the more direct impact on the rankings is the off-site SEO and principally the outreach. So I choose to follow mainly the numbers about the links. Also, On-Site SEO is difficult to evaluate with numbers.


SEO KPIs to follow weekly

Every week,  I compare numbers from the weeks before to see if we are on track.

  • Outreach:

I look at how many links we got by using Linkbird to manage our links and communications. If you don’t want to pay a tool to manage your link, you can, of course, opt for a basic spreadsheet to follow your links.

  • Ranking:

With the tool Semrush, I check how many keywords are on the 1st page, and how many top traffic keywords are on the 1st page. I also track at which position is our best keyword. It’s also possible to this report with Search Console of analytics.

SEO KPIs to follow monthly

Every month, I see if the strategy pays off by comparing them to the months before.

  • Outreach:

I look at the numbers of links again but also the average Domain Authority of the websites linking to us.

  • Authority of the site:

I follow the DA value given from Moz to see any increase or a decrease in the value of our website. A decrease will make me look more at the on-site seo or at the recent links we aquired.

  • Ranking:

The visibility, given by Sermush, help me compare my result to the competition. The visibility is calculated from the position of the keywords, with the estimate CTR and volume of searches.

I also look at the position of our website for our best keyword. A decreased in the position for our best keywords will make me look more in-depth why it’s happening and adapt my strategy in consequences.

Create your SEO strategy according to your goals

Those few numbers indicated quickly if my strategy is working or if I need to review it. The other analyses are accessories but useful if I want to fix the mistakes that could be on the websites. Of course, I can’t say that from time to time I’m looking at pages with high bounce rate or with a low conversion rate, but it’s not the numbers on what I based my SEO strategy on. See in this previous article how I defined my SEO strategy. And find out what the best tools to use for SEO in this article.

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